Sailing Club Gets New Boats and Plans on Bettering Team Dynamics

Three boats had been received by Hillsdale College Sailing Club. These boats were acquired from the team of Notre Dame Sailing early this month. This will enable the club to work on its techniques. Bought by some anonymous donor for the club, Laser Performance Club 420 came with lines, dollies, and sails. They are going to be harbored at the club so that it has much easier access to the Baw Beese Lake.

Hillsdale College Sailing Club without any kind of fleet since the starting of 2017. Thus, they are in a disadvantageous position against the team it is competing with as most of them train in water at least 3 times a week.

Albeit, the club was known to be limited to classroom learning and strategizing, it will not be able to work on their basics to handle a boat prior to taking part in the regattas. The sailing club’s vice commodore, Sophomore Leahi Johsens has been a part of the club since the fall of freshman year. She states that she is thrilled with how the owning of the boats is going to have an impact on the club.

She goes on to say that they have been taking part in the regattas without any kind of practice. If they have the boats then it is going to be helpful for increasing their skill. In fact, they will be able to do much better in the regattas. Thus, they will turn into better sailors.

Apart from helping the club to hone their skills to handle a boat, practicing with the boat on the water is going to make them learn about teamwork prior to competing. Mary Margaret Ryland junior and the fleet captain have taken part in competitive sailing since she was in high school. She believes that it is necessary to be familiar with the team dynamic for working as a team efficaciously.