Olympic Sailing

Paine And His Olympic Motto

Caleb Paine owns a Finn boat where the adage can be found, stating that there is no pain without gain, with a pun on the word “Paine”. This sums up the attitude that the sailor has at the moment as he gears up to represent his country in the Olympic Games coming up in the month ahead.

Paine thinks that there might be times when you are training and times are tough but you need to keep pushing. You might not be able to win in every drill or be able to achieve the fastest speed in downwind but the important thing is to keep working. The main thing is to keep working so that the one winner spot can be yours. Even if it is not achieved you will surely be an athlete or a better sailor at the end.

He has been sailing the Finn from the age of nineteen. He says that the boat had been introduced to him by Scott Mason in Long Beach. Once he sailed the boat he loved the experience and realised that the boat gave him the possibility to race in the Olympics with it.

He stated that as soon as he had finished his high school graduation he teamed up with Zach Railey of USA for professional sailing, with a stint working for a Greece yacht charters company helping to whet his appetite. Zach gave him the opportunity to train and he had been his partner upto the Games in 2012.

Railey had stopped sailing since the Olympic Games in 2012. Paine however assumed his position and became the top sailor for Finn in US. He then became a regular in running the fleet. He gained the seventh position in 2014 at the ISAF sailing world championships. At this championship he became eligible for representing US in Rio. Currently he is busy training for the same.